Eloiza Mills was born in London where she has lived and worked for the majority of her life.

In 2005 she began three years of study at Aberystwyth University where she was granted a merit award in her first year and later, the Geoffrey Crawshay Memorial Travelling Scholarship.

Specialising in painting during the final year of the course, Eloiza was enormously inspired by the sense of peace she finds in the work of Vermeer. Finding such a sense of tranquillity and calm integral to her own practice, Eloiza was able to take such elements and develop them for herself, creating something of an inner peace in her portraits especially. Freud, Chardin and Charles Hardaker were also strong influences. In the work of Leonardo da Vinci she sees a universality which seems to go beyond a personal way of looking and at times, aims towards this objectivity in her own work.

The small scale of Eloiza's recent work has been developed with a desire to draw the viewer into the same close scrutiny she has already given it, as she finds this to be a "stilling experience".

Since graduating with a B.A in Fine Art in 2008, Eloiza has been shortlisted for two major prizes, the Threadneedle Prize and the Bulldog Portrait Bursary. She has also spent a month in Cyprus, staying at the art college in Lempa, near Paphos, where she found the tranquillity and ease of life a great addition to her painting and the sense of quiet that it evokes.