Why Commission Art?

When you commission a piece of art you become the catalyst for creating something entirely unique. By collaborating with the artist you become the owner of a painting that has special meaning to you, whether you have a person, a place or an idea in mind. It can also be a personal and original gift.

My Method

I take on commissions for portraits (single and groups) and am also very happy to discuss ideas for landscapes, paintings of your home, or any other image you may have in mind. I work from photographs and, with portraits especially, these need to be of a high quality resolution with a good tonal range. An ideal situation would be to work from sittings, however a convenient compromise is two to three sittings mixed with photographic reference. I am happy to travel to sittings within a reasonable distance from London. As a painting can take several months to produce, it's a good idea to start well in advance if you have a particular date in mind.

Examples of Past Commissions

Baby Couple Oliver


These are given as a rough guide for single portraits not including frames or expenses.




10 x 12 inches - £150
16 x 20 inches - £225

10 x 12 inches - £600
16 x 20 inches - £900

10 x 12 inches - £300
16 x 20 inches - £450